Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prepare Microsoft 70-452 Certification Exam

Recently I want to get the Microsoft 70-452 certification, so I could become a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) for Business Intelligence Developer 2008.  There is a pr-requirement for this exam which I already had:
Exam 70-448: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance
After I search the internet for free/cheap training materials, I find the following:
  1. A free 6-part webcast series to prep for 70-452 available from the Microsoft Partner Learning Center:  https://training.partner.microsoft.com/learning/app/management/LMS_LearnerHome.aspx
  2. A free 12 hours self-paced course: Essential SQL Server 2008 For Developers from Microsoft e-learning: https://www.microsoftelearning.com/eLearning/courseDetail.aspx?courseId=166269
To me, the first webcast is introduction type information and it is very generic. It is suitable for people who are new to SQL 2008 BI.  If you are expert or advanced BI developer, you may not want to waste you time on it. I did find the 2nd course very helpful.  Since I don’t have time and I feel I am expert in some area, I skip the first several topics and only review those that I am not familiar with such as Data Mining for SQL 2008, Understanding SSAS Query & Performance Improvements, etc.. Lots contents in there are very helpful for 70-452 exam.
I also use Transcender’s practice material: http://www.transcender.com/practice-exam/microsoft/70-452.kap. It is a very useful tool to simulate the actual certification exam and provides validated answers.
After studying for a week using above materials, I passed the exam and got the MCITP.
Hope you will find this information useful.