Wednesday, February 16, 2011

View the error detail for SharePoint unexpected error

During setting up a SharePoint 2010 development machine, I often experience a generic SharePoint error (A dialog box with “An unexpected error has occurred.” message) that telling me nothing but error. Most naive SharePoint developer/designer/user will have no clue what is wrong and how to correct it. Sometime there is not enough information could be provided to the administrator or ask for help.


Derek Sanderson recently posted a blog entry about how to get the REAL error to show on web page which helped me a lot to view the error detail on the screen, so I could Google/fix it without dig into the logs files that I may not have permission with.

Since there are two web applications, one for the SharePoint default site, another is the SharePoint Central Admin, I modified the web.config file on both sites accordingly.  I will only leave those settings on for a development machine or sandbox/QA servers.

You may also want to check this out now:

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