Friday, March 11, 2011

Cannot find the Performance Point Server “Decomposition Tree” option on the menu

Recently I am working on a PPS solution for the SharePoint 2010.  PPS 2010 introduces a new feature called Decomposition Tree that allows users to interactively drill down to the details. The Decomposition Tree option enables all of the following in one simple browser window:

  • Show how an individual value in a report can be broken down into its contributing members.
  • See all the members in a group in descending order
  • Choose which dimension you want to use for the next level of detail.


After I deploy my new dashboard to the SharePoint site,I cannot find the Decomposition Tree menu by right clicking on the Grid or the Chart.


Doing several researches, I find that there is no Microsoft Silverlight installed on my client machine.

image image

Microsoft Silverlight enables this option. If it is not installed, or disabled, the menu command will be hidden.  In addition, if you are using an analytic chart or grid, you must design it using the Design tab, not the Query tab in order to use the Decomposition tree feature.



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  3. This is good to know.

    Here's a related question to which I can't find an easy answer: Is there a way to suppress individual items (the Decomposition Tree, Show Details, etc) from this right-click menu for a given dashboard? I have a client asking me to suppress certain items to reduce perceived user complexity, but I can't find an easy way to do this.

  4. Tree menu by right clicking on the Grid or the Chart.
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