Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tip to Change SSIS Variable Scope

Recently I work on a SSIS project that has a Sequence Container with lot of variables that I need for a data flow. Later on I want to change the sequence container to be a For Loop Container.   It is easy to copy and paste the the data flow in the container to the other. But, how to move the SSIS variables in the visual studio?

If you are familiar with the SSIS XML code, you may be able to copy or move the variables from one XML Node section to the other without corrupt it.  For others, recreating the variable with correct value or expression could be cumbersome.

Here is a easy way to handle it:

  • Install BIDS Helper from CodePlex site.
  • Select the variable you want to copy or move


  • Click on the Move/Copy Variables from SSIS Variables tool bar to open a new window


  • Click on the DTS executable that you want the variable scope to change to , then click OK


  • The variable shows up in the SSIS Variables Window with new Scope


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