Friday, May 31, 2013

Setup SSRS email Delivery Option Using Gmail Account


In order to use the SSRS email delivery subscription or Data alerts feature, you need to configure the email option. If you don’t have access to the company exchange server, you could configure the system to use a Gmail account instead.  Here are the steps:

Configure a virtual SMTP Server

  • Install SMTP Server window option on the local box or a server.
  • Open IIS 6.0 manager to configure the SMTP option:
    • Click on the Access tab and select Anonymous access option in the Authentication option box


    • Click on the Outbound Security option button from the Delivery tab, select the Basic authentication with your Gmail account and enable the TLS Encryption.


    • Click on the Outbound connections option button, set the TCP Port number to 587


    • Click on the Advance option button, set the Smart Host to use


Now you need to configure the SSRS to use the email delivery method. Depend on the SSRS mode, you will do the following:

SSRS Integrated Mode

Open SharePoint 2013 Central Administration and select the Manage Service applications option


  • Click on the SQL Server Reporting Services Service to open the configuration page
  • Click on the E-mail Setting link


  • Enable the Use SMTP server option and set the Outbound SMTP server name or IP address; Set the From address to your Gmail address same as you used in the setup IIS step.


  • Click on OK button. You are good to go now.

SSRS Native Mode

Open Report Service Configuration manager.

  • Click on the e-mail setting tab
  • Type your Gmail address in the Sender Address on the SMTP Settings window
  • Set the SMTP Server to the server name as previous step


  • Click on Apply button. You are good to go now.

Send a SMS text message from email

If you want to send SMS text for the Data Alert. You could type in the 10 digit number with the mobile provider extension as the example below to send the SMNS text.





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  5. There is port setting in rsreportserver.config file. default is . I put 587 port: 587. SSRS should be restarted. After that SSRS sends e-mail directly onto
    Other settings are: smtp; user= just_user_name; password=...; secure connection = YES.